Right now 99 out of 100 visitors to your site leave without buying.
Retaily can change that for you...


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Why Retai.ly

Retaily Shows The Right Message To The Right Person at The Right Time
RESULT : Additional Revenue

By getting just an additional sale would effectively mean DOUBLING up your sales revenue!

So, How does Retai.ly do it ?

Retaily analyzes your visitors' browsing behaviour and gives each one a HEAT VALUE. We then automatically craft the most compelling message, tailored to each visitor.

The HEAT VALUE also determines the price we bid for this visitor. This way, you will always show the right message to the right visitor at the right time at the right price.

So how do we come up with this all-important HEAT VALUE ?

We process hundreds of data points per second to gauge visitor intent. Did your visitor look at a product repeatedly? Did their cursor linger over the Add to Cart button? All these are signs of INTENT that increase HEAT VALUE.

Now we can put the power of Retaily to work for you.

Currently we're integrated with major shopping carts like Shopify and InstanteStore. Setting it up just takes a few simple clicks.


Now opportunity knocks more than once