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Isn't it refreshing to get a personalized and relevant greeting when you enter a site? But even more important than that, your visitors now expect you to send relevant messages and offers to them when they interact with your site.

Gone are the days when you can send out a generic offer and expect great results. To thrive now, you need to send out relevant and personalized messages to convince your visitors. This is where Retaily can help.

Real-Time Behavioral Tracking

Retaily tracks each one of your visitors, knowing exactly which product(s) they're interested in, how much time they spend looking at each, how many times they return and even down to their mouse and scroll movements. Why? To know each visitor better...

Machine Learning & Predictive Analytics

We then use the data gathered on each visitor to generate a “Retaily Heat Score” for each person. This predicts how likely the visitor would buy during the current visit. The "Heat Score" is a good indicator for the system to decide which message to send to the visitor to tip them over to buy.

Customer Segmentation

When you link up your site's database to Retaily, we'll mine your existing customer data and segment your customers into different “buckets” for you to take action on. For example, you can send out an offer to reactivate “churned customers” or send out your latest full price collection to “only the latest” customers. Your customers will love you for sending them only the most relevant offers/messages.

Automatically Send Trigger Messages

Retaily can automatically send out messages when your visitors take a certain action. Eg. If another visitor just bought something in their cart, send out urgency/scarcity messages to encourage a quick purchase. Send out notifications when a product they're interested is low in stock and much more...

Instant Web Push Notifications

Reach out to your visitors in real-time even after they've left your website. Works for both desktop & mobile. This new method of push notification works incredibly well when tied with the triggered & customer segmentation features of Retaily.

Email & In App Notifications

Leverage your existing customer contact details effectively. All the e-mail addresses you collected doesn't go to waste. Retaily lets you send out targeted messages & offers based on customer segments and also automatically send out triggered messages as well.

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